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the Podcast with Emmy Award winner, rob koebel

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The Story

A single finger print and baseball cap found inside the family’s abandoned SUV is the only evidence Robert Fisher, one of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted left behind.  Despite a massive man hunt,  a 100,000 dollar reward, 10’s of thousands of tips over a 19 year period — Fisher has never been found. 

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In one of Arizona’s most horrific unsolved murders, investigators believe Fisher — killed his wife and two young children before setting their house on fire. 


The bodies of Mary, and his kids Brittney and Bobby were found inside the burned home. Their throats slashed from ear to ear and Mary had been shot in the head.


Nearly two decades later,  Emmy Award winning reporter Rob Koebel return’s to the remote spot in Northern Arizona where he initially covered the hunt for Fisher.  Koebel picks up his investigation — uncovering new leads and working to bring the fugitive to justice.  Koebel turns this once cold case into a hot one.   


Seeking Justice: The Hunt For FBI’s Most Wanted Robert Fisher is a multi-part podcast series that takes a new look into the murders of the Fisher family and disappearance of the husband/father Robert Fisher.


Producer | Reporter

Rob Koebel

  • Emmy Award for “Asleep at the Wheel”, series unveiling the impacts of sleep deprivation and the deadly dangers on the roads.          

  • Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Award, Investigative story: “Congressional Bonuses.”

  • Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Award, Continuing Coverage: “School Bus Bully.”

  • Winner of 2010 Edward R Murrow Award for Continuing Coverage: “Stuck on a School Bus.” A more than yearlong investigation which exposed wasted tax payer money.

  • Emmy Nomination for Continuing Coverage: “Stuck on a School Bus.”

  • Associated Press Award for Best Light Feature: “President Obama Return’s to SW Florida.”

  • Associated Press Award for Investigative Reporting: for exclusive story that exposed a network of counterfeit sports memorabilia sold at stadium stores across the country.  

  • Emmy Nomination for Investigative Story; “Who’s Driving Your Kids School Bus?” 

  • Emmy Nomination for Health/Science story, “Stroke on a Bus.”

Producer | Editor

J.J Geiger


J. J.Geiger is a Los Angeles based Picture Editor who has recently cut Quibi's "Most Dangerous Game" with Liam Hemingsworth and Christophe Waltz. He has also cut shows like the CW's "Gossip Girl," "The Carrie Diaries," and the CBS hit "Scorpion." When he's not editing network television, he produces documentaries and short scripted films.  He graduated from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana with his BA in Telecommunications in 2003. You can visit his website at for more information. 

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